Happiest of Holidays!!

I just wanted to put up a quick post to wish all of my WordPess friends the very Happiest of Holidays! Here is a link to a very funny Australian take on “Jingle Bells” that was shared with me from my very good Australian friend, Leanne Cole (She is an excellent photographer). Hope it gets you in the Holiday spirit. It really cracks me up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnJ8jsw4BSo Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past year as well. Happy Holidays to you all!! Continue reading Happiest of Holidays!!

Real Friendship

The other day I lost a good friend from my high school years, Cindy Blackburn Whitson. She had been sick for some time battling ovarian cancer, and finally lost the war. We had been pretty good friends during high school, but I had lost touch with her after graduation. We didn’t reconnect until about 2 1/2 years ago when I found her on Facebook. Of course over those many years our lives took very different paths and we each have our own respective families. After the reconnection, it was as if almost no time had passed since we had last … Continue reading Real Friendship