Happy Holidays

It is Christmas here, and that gives me time to reflect on the year that is now nearly over. To all of my WordPress friends, I say thank you for the opportunity to share my work and thoughts with you! I am so grateful for your support and friendship. And since it is this time of year, Happy Holidays to you all as well!

My little buddy, Rajah, enjoying the quiet day with his new Christmas mouse. Actually he got 6, he just wanted to cuddle with that one.

Here in the United States, we are having some controversy about the greeting, “Happy Holidays”. Some people think that “Happy Holidays” is taking away from the Christian celebration of Christmas – Jesus Christ’s traditionally celebrated birthday. Personally, I don’t understand what is controversial about wishing others that you may not know all that well a general greeting of well wishes. I think it shows respect for their beliefs.

I am so lucky to have so many followers from so many places – here in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Russia, India and so many other lands. So, when I wish you “Happy Holidays”, this is what I am saying.

I hope that you can find happiness and joy celebrating your Holiday with your family and your friends. Because whatever holiday you may be celebrating, aren’t we all really doing the same thing – spending some time enjoying our family and friends and being grateful for their love?

This is granddaughter, Malayna, with Sheri, my wife, showing off the quilt that Sheri made Malayna for Christmas.

For some, the holiday is Christmas, for others it may simply be the winter or summer solstice (depending upon whether you reside in the southern or northern hemisphere). For others it may be Hanukkah, for others Kwanza, and well for some it is yet another holiday. But again, the holiday name isn’t the most important thing. It is the thoughts and the time spent with our loved ones that is most important.

So once again, Happy Holidays to all of my WordPress friends wherever you may be and whatever that special holiday is for you!

And here are a few of my favorite photographs from over the years as I know most of you follow me for the photography.

Thanks as always for letting me share with you!

Valley of Fire State Park, February 2019
Wild horses in the western Utah desert, December 2018.
Arches National Park, February 2018.
Port Townsend, Washington
Northern Arizona along US Hwy 89-A, February 2008