More Backyard Shots

With all of the storms we have been getting in northern and central Utah this winter, our air quality has been unusually nice (mostly). And with the frequent storms, the light had been great, especially in the mornings and later afternoons.

Also, I recently purchased a new camera, a Nikon Z50 with a couple of lenses. The Z50 is a mirrorless camera with Nikon’s crop sensor, the DX series. That’s the same size sensor I had in my older Nikon D500, but the newer hardware and software is amazing. You’ve probably seen a few of the newer photos I’ve posted with the system – Lone Peak and Mount Timpanogos.

This is Twin Peaks at the top of American Fork Canyon. I can see this from our property, looking northeast.

Anyway, the light on the Wasatch peaks to the north and east of my house this morning was just wonderful, so I took a few shots after I was done spreading horse manure. We have 2-1/2 acres of property with 3 horses on site, so that is a morning task a couple of times per week.

I am really learning the new system, and it forced me to upgrade my photo editing software. I have used Photoshop Elements for years, and had to upgrade to the new version, Photoshop Elements 2023 in order to be able to open and process the new camera raw files. Glad I did! New stuff equals new tools.

This is my first real panorama photo that I constructed from 3 separate shots. I am quite excited as it came out quite nicely.

This panorama looks almost due north from my front yard, then panning northeast to Twin Peaks. That full peak on the left of the photo is known as White Baldy with Twin Peaks toward the right.

In case you’re wondering how these mountains all fit together here, Lone Peak lies directly north of my house, visible out my front office window. White Baldy is two peaks east, more like north, northeast of my house; Twin Peaks is pretty much northeast. If you recall Box Elder Peak from the “Lone Peak” post, that sits more to the east, northeast. And then finally, Mt. Timpanogos lies directly to the east of my property, although it’s so big that you can’t see the south end of the mountain from our place.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my “backyard” photos (really front yard”). Thanks for visiting my blog, and there are more Arizona photos coming soon. Have fun out there!