Lone Peak

There is a very prominent mountain right out of my front yard, called Lone Peak. It’s probably about 5 to 6 miles away to the northeast as the crow flies. The peak sits right at the western end of Little Cottonwood Canyon and is one of the more prominent peaks in the Wasatch Range. Lone Peak is 11260 feet tall (3432 meters), but it rises over 6000 feet above the valley floor! The upper cirque cliffs sit 893 feet above the bowl. I see the mountain nearly every day as I can see it from my front office window.

Anyway, here are a few photos of one of my favorite views around home here. I had recently purchased a Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera and was experimenting and learning this past weekend. Anyway, Sunday morning I took a peek out the front door to see if I needed to shovel snow, and was hit with this view.

There was a bit of a small storm that rolled through late Saturday night, and the clouds were just clearing over the mountain. I took this from my front driveway with the new Z50.

That inspired me to go take some sunset photos of the mountain later Sunday afternoon.

Same mountain, Lone Peak (the one with the big cliffs) at sunset.
Here is a cropped vertical shot from the same location.

Occasionally, even with the massive population and crowding here along the greater Salt Lake metro area, I can still find some nice nature shots. It was only about 32°F (0 Celsius) when I took these, so there weren’t many folks around.

This is Box Elder Peak that sits just south of Lone Peak. The sunset was peaking at different times on the mountains, so I was able to get this shot after finishing Lone Peak.

It’s funny how the light was changing so quickly across the various mountain peaks, but I really like this last shot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos from my “neighborhood”. I am still working on the Grand Canyon stuff, so please be patient.

Have a great week, and happy blogging! And thanks for visiting my page.

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