Warm Memories

With the onset of spring, officially March 20, I find myself longing for adventures. COVID has been with us all now for over a year, and the isolation and lack of travel have really been wearing on my soul.

This is the marina in Port Townsend, Washington – one of my very favorite places. It was a mid-summer morning when I shot this.

Work has been occupying a lot of my time, and this weekend I was doing some much needed trailer and vehicle maintenance. So, I thought this was a perfect time to post a few happy photographs – places that make me smile.

I took this in Westport,Washington in the late summer of 2018 – the last time I was in the state. It was a beautiful late afternoon just after a rainstorm.

Maybe it was just working on the trailer that brought back these memories. For me, my travel trailer represents adventures, happiness and freedom. These things all seem so foreign now after a year of the pandemic.

This was my campsite in Westport, Washington in 2018 – American Sunset RV Park.

Thankfully this blog serves as a wonderful outlet for those travel urges. I hope you can enjoy these photographs, and that they will bring you a smile as they do for me.

A final shot from Port Townsend marina back in the summer of 2011. Beautiful times with warm memories.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hopefully before this year is over, we can all get back to our adventures!