Winter Road

We are supposed to get a winter storm through here tomorrow, so I decided today would be a great day for a cruise in the Porsche Cayman. I had some high-performance winter tires mounted on her a couple of months back, and well the road was calling.

I headed out toward Fisher Pass, and then went north into Skull Valley when I hit the Dugway military base entrance. The western sky was just amazing, and I took this shot on the way back home as I was cruising up the western side of Fisher Pass. I caught the scene on my way out west, but the light wasn’t quite right yet. Patience paid off.

This is looking southwest toward the Great Basin and Dugway proving Grounds. The road is Utah 199 on the western approach to Fisher Pass.

There is something amazing about winter skies, especially right before or after a storm. I loved the subtle tones in the sky, and it was so unusually clear I could see for many miles out into the Great Basin.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my quick little winter road scene. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit by blog. Best wishes to everyone for the New Year!

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