Autumns Gone By

Here we are nearing the end of 2020, and I am still on the top side of the grass. That is good, even for this year. 😉 After pondering what to do for a new post, I decided that it might be fun to put together a compilation of all of my best autumn photographs. 

We’ll start with the oldest photos first and work toward the present. So here we go.

No fall collection would be complete without the incredible tamarack trees, Central Oregon Blue Mountains.

These tamarack trees look like conifers, but their leaves change color like deciduous trees.  They are actually deciduous conifers and range from Canada on down into Oregon. This was on US 26, and was what I call a “pull over” shot. What’s that? Well, I am cruising along and see “the shot”. So I have to pull over, and go make my photograph.

Autumn in the Columbia River Gorge

I took this photo from a rest area along I-84 on my way home from Portland.

Late fall afternoon on the John Day River in central Oregon

This was another “pull over” shot. I was trying to get to Prineville, Oregon for the night as a storm as moving in; it was getting colder by the minute. As I was crossing the John Day River, I saw this scene down below the bridge, and I just had to get it. I recently redid the processing on this photo as I had never quite loved my original take. It has become one of my favorite photographs.

Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland.

This shot was taken with my previous phone, a Motorola Droid. I needed a pitstop and had pulled over at the Multnomah Falls exit to take a quick peek and use the restroom. Well, the light was perfect, but I had left my Nikon in the truck. So, I took a few shots with my camera phone. It’s not bad, but the phone doesn’t have the high dynamic range capabilities like the Nikon. The water highlights are a little washed out. But I think it’s still a decent shot.

Fall foliage on US 26 near the Government Camp area

This was another one of those “pull over” shots. It had been raining and had just started to clear off somewhat. I saw these maples (I guess they’re maples), and pulled off the road to go get a few shots of color.

Late October afternoon after a rainstorm in Westport, Washington

What a day to get this shot of the harbor in Westport. I had left Portland that morning and wasn’t on the road more than a few minutes when the rains started. It poured the whole day and was still raining when I decided to head into town to see if I could find any decent photo opportunities. The rain finally ceased, and the later afternoon light was coming into play. This harbor shot is one of my absolute favorites, and is my Windows login screen on my desktop. It IS Westport.

Same day a few minutes later in the same harbor in Westport, Washington

Here the late afternoon sun is coming out in strength. What a difference a few minutes makes. This shot looks warm and pleasant, while the one above conveys that Northwest autumn chilling dampness.

Pacific Ocean sunset in late October in Westport, Washington

After dinner at Blackbeard’s Pizza (an amazing pub and pizza place) in Westport, I had gone down to the beach and hiked around a little with my camera and backpack. I caught this in the last light just as the sun was going down.

Ruby Beach, Washington in later October

This one might be out of order as I took it on my first trip up the Washington coast from Portland. I didn’t even have my trailer; I stayed in a little motel in Forks, Washington that night – the Pacific Inn I think. This is Ruby Beach, and I had decided to take a break and go hike down to the famous beach. The weather was awful as it can be in October in the Northwest. So, I caught this scene before anyone else was out.

Manitoba skies wpThis isn’t technically autumn, but very late summer in Manitoba, Canada

This was another “pull over”. I had to get this shot as that cold, morning storm was moving quickly, and the light was just perfect. I stood in the bed of my truck to get this angle.

Ophir Canyon, Utah last week

This was in my last post, so just check it out.

Compiling these photographs was fun, and it definitely brought some wonderful memories.  I hope you have enjoyed this autumn collection from the last few years of my travels.

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.  I would love to see some of your autumn favorites too.

Best wishes everyone,

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