Ruby Beach Autumn

The isolation of this pandemic is really beginning to get me down. I haven’t seen my Washington friends in two years now, and I so miss the majesty of the Washington coast.  The urge to travel is becoming nearly unbearable.

While daydreaming about the Pacific Northwest, I remembered a shot that I made several years ago on my first drive up the Washington coast.

It was in October of 2014, and I needed a rest stop after a few hours on the winding, undulating Highway 101.  If you have never driven the Coast Highway, US 101, then you need to make the trip.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Ruby Beach, Washington in October 2014

I had seen pictures of Ruby Beach, but had never been there.  It was cold, rainy and foggy – typical Washington coast fall weather.  Because the weather was so difficult, the crowds soon parted, and I was afforded a great view of this striking landscape. 

This is where I belong; this is home.  Someday soon I will return. 

Best wishes to you all, and I hope this photo brings you all some joy and hope for better days.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.