Spring Skies

To relieve the tedium of the semi-quarantine due to the Corona virus issue, a couple friends and I took a cruise out to the west desert in Utah. (Yes, we kept our distance from one another and had no close interactions.)

Anyway, we had reached the end of our road, UT 199, ending at Dugway Army Base. I had told my car buddies about this road, and they had read my posts. Since it was supposed to be a nice day, we figured we’d do the drive.

Spring in Utah is a time of varied, and often unpredictable weather. Today we drove through sunshine, clouds, rain, and yes, snow. The snow was near the top of Fisher Pass on UT 199.

Anyway, as we were bidding Todd farewell, I snapped this photo of him taking off north through Skull Valley on Utah 196. I think this shot really shows the varied weather of the day.

Looking northward from the intersection of UT 199 and UT 196 at the west entrance to Dugway Army Base in the west desert of Utah. That’s Todd’s Dodge Challenger SRT in Plum Crazy for you car folks. He’s about to head north through Skull Valley until he reaches Interstate 80 heading east back to Salt Lake City.

Well, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this quick snapshot.

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