Winter Skies

If you saw my December post about the wild horses, The Wild Bunch, you probably know that I was out in the west desert of Utah this past December.  I was really working hard to make sure I caught the horses while the light was still good, but after a few hours, I decided that I’d had enough of the -10 decree (Celsius) temps, so I started packing up my photo gear.

However, I caught a few nice later afternoon shots of the winter skies.  Please enjoy these photos.  And thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog.

Winter Sky wp
This is looking generally northwest while I was still in the area where I had taken the horse photos — north of the Pony Express Trail west of Lookout Pass in the western Utah desert.
Winter afternoon 1 wp
Looking more to the north, northeast towards Deseret Peak over in Rush Valley.
Lonely road wp
I was able to catch the sun heading for the horizon as I was leaving the valley where I had photographed the horses.  Those are my truck tracks.  It was pretty deserted out there that New Years Eve.
Winter's Last light wp
I took this photo from the top of Lookout Pass on the Pony Express Trail (yes, that Pony Express Trail — the real route) just as the light was really starting to wane.  It was -13 Celsius when I took this shot.  If you look out toward the far mountains, you will see a small brighter golden toned area.  That is the valley where the wild horses were located that afternoon.