Park Avenue

When most people think of Park Avenue, I’m sure they are visualizing New York City’s skyline or being down on the street among the towering architecture.  But when I visualize Park Avenue, I see something entirely different.

I hope you enjoy my little photo tour of a section of Arches National Park named for its New York counterpart.

Courthouse Tower wp
This is known as Courthouse Tower near the end of the trail in Park Avenue.
The Crack wp
This little water pocket just caught my eye as I was strolling along the Park Avenue trail last February.  It is just a cool image.
Side canyon Park Avenue wp
Looking toward the west in a side canyon of Park Avenue.  This needs to be explored further.
Park Avenue morning 2 wp
And here is my featured image in case you couldn’t see the whole thing.  What a morning!

I hope you enjoyed the tour, and drop me a line to let me know what you think of my Park Avenue.

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