Rise and Set

This week’s photo challenge is to post photos taken at sunrise or sunset. For some reason I seldom catch either of these directly. I can’t really say why, but I do have a few in the arsenal to put up for this week’s challenge.

Barn sunrise
Brandon, Manitoba August 2017

This shot was taken in August, 2017 in Brandon, Manitoba. My wife had a very early Arabian horse show class that morning, and we had just arrived at the stall area for her to begin to prepare for her class. I had stepped out of the restroom to this view as I was trying to wake myself up. I took this shot with my Motorola Droid cell phone at about 6:30 AM.


The photograph below I took in Washington state on the Olympic Peninsula in the summer of 2010. This is in the Olympic National Park, and if I recall it is at First Beach near La Push, WA. The weather was actually horrible that day, but I persisted through the rain and the drizzle to find the beach. Finally the winds and the rain started to die down and I was able to catch this photograph as the sun began to set.

WA Beach Sunset
First Beach, Olympic National Park, WA 2010

First Beach is in a fairly remote area of the Olympic Park which is accessed by heading west out of Forks, WA. Just a little ways before you end up in the Quillayute Reservation there is a turnoff for the trail head. Then you hike though the rainforest to get to the beach itself. If you are a movie buff you will recognize these names from the Twilight Series of movies and books about the vampires.

Westport Beach Sunset 2 wp
The beach at Westport, WA October, 2017

I’m sure you’ve read a little bit about Westport, Washington from some of my earlier posts. Westport is a beautiful little town located on the southwest tip of Grays Harbor in western Washington south of the Olympic Peninsula. It lies about 22 miles west of Aberdeen on the south side of Grays Harbor, and it is quite remote. In later October the place is nearly deserted, but it is quite a lovely little town with a long, beautiful sandy beach. I took the shot above just before the sun went down in later October after a really big rainstorm that day.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little sunrise and sunset photo tour. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Though sunrise and sunset images kind of READ as being a bit pedestrian they never fail to fill us with awe. I mean we all get to see them in the course of our days – young and old, rich and poor alike. The sky is available to us all. These are great shots – thank you. c

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