As I sit in my office looking northward out toward Lone Peak in our Wasatch Mountains, I cannot even see it today — not 5 miles as the crow flies from my window.  The smoke from the fires all over the western US, including a few here in Utah, is horrible.  So, I was thinking it would be nice to look at something that is more serene.

It has been almost a year since I was last in the Pacific Northwest, my favorite part of America.  Last September I was in Portland visiting with some of my clients, and spent my last day in town visiting the Portland Japanese Gardens.

Here is a scene from those gardens that I took last September.

Reflect Pool 1 wp
This is one of the reflecting pools in the Portland Japanese Gardens.

Well, I hope this photograph brings you a little smile and enjoyment.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Stay healthy and have some fun out there.

9 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Beautiful, and refreshing indeed! It’s our turn in the PNW to have the thick smoke and be surrounded by fires. I’m just east of Seattle and it’s been such a gorgeous late summer until just a few days ago when high winds blew from the east and blanketed us in smoke. It’s hard to watch these sunny September days wane without being able to soak in the last bit of outdoor time, but I think of those on the east side of the mountains fighting the blaze and feel grateful for merely smoky skies. Thanks for the moment of green serenity.

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    1. You are totally welcome, and I am glad that you are safe. The Pacific Northwest is truly a bit of heaven, except for the Seattle area traffic. I am having such bad withdrawals from being there. But with the COVID stuff, it’s better to stay near home for now. Hopefully things will get better for you all soon.

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      1. I moved out of the city when it became so congested so rarely have to deal with the traffic these days. So nice to be in the foothills along the river instead! Hopefully you’ll be able to travel again in the near future.


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