Happy Independence Day!

With all of the mess going on here in the US — the COVID explosion, the racial tensions, the whatever we call the crap that has become our national government — I have been feeling pretty stressed and down.  That’s why I am doing so many posts, and spending so much time in the car — just to escape for awhile.

Anway, I was just browsing at my WordPress reader on my computer, and was going to shut down for the day, when I saw this photograph on my desktop slideshow.  It cheered me up.

Port Townsend Harbor 1 169 wp
This is one of my favorite photos from one of my very favorite places, Port Townsend, Washington

It was a beautiful July morning in 2011.  The sun was shining; that moist morning sea air was cool, and the clouds were just wispy adding to the overall suggestion of a perfect day.  This is just a happy photograph.

Port Townsend would be one of my ideal places to spend a Fourth of July Holiday.  So, because this photograph has taken me back to a better place and better time, here is another shot from the previous evening that I took from my hotel room balcony.

PT Fish Harbor wp
This is the commercial marina just behind my hotel room in Port Townsend.  There had been quite a rainstorm that day, and I caught the late afternoon sky looking eastward.

Well, I hope these photos make you smile like they do me.  Wishing everyone the best, and for my American friends please stay safe on this crazy 2020 Independence Day weekend.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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