Stormy Sunday

Attempting to stay active and sane, I took another cruise today after lots of chores on Saturday.  It had been time to sharpen the blades on the John Deere tractor mower, which is pretty much an all day process – removing the mower deck, cleaning everything, lubricating, and sharpening.  Also, I had gotten our lawn sprinkler system going again after the winter.

Weather in the Intermountain West is truly unpredictable.  The forecasts called for a slight chance of isolated afternoon showers.  Ha ha!  It poured on my cruise!  But, the skies made for some cool photographs.  And as you can see, it was a black and white day.

Elberta Storm BW wp
I had made a quick stop in Elberta, Utah as I was doing a drive around Utah Lake.  As you can see, that “chance of isolated showers” looked like a big chance.

Why?  There was too much blue light in the sky, and I just wasn’t happy with the tones.  That bluish hue tended to under-emphasize the awesome stormy feeling.  The black and white better captured the dramatic skies that came with those passing showers.

Utah Lake 1 BW wp
This was taken on Lincoln Beach Road on the north end of West Mountain at the southern end of Utah Lake.  The large, snow covered peak is Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Mountains.
Utah Lake 3 BW wp
This is looking northwest across Utah Lake towards the Wasatch Mountains.

I hope you enjoy this little monochrome post.  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog.

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