Monochrome Wednesday – Valley of Fires

I took this photograph in Valley of Fires State Park in Nevada last winter. The scene was originally a color photo, but I got to thinking that the shot might lend itself to black and white.

The sky had a lot of contrast that afternoon with the wispy clouds. And the color variations in the rocks seemed to produce some good tonal variations as well. Converting the photograph to black and white definitely changes the character of the shot.

This was the original photograph as I saw the scene in February.

Rather than just the simple conversation, I played around with some filters bringing down the blue sky and then enhancing the contrast as well as putting in an older look tone to give the photo a darker feel, more other worldly.

Here is the same shot after black and white conversion with filters to darken the sky as well as enhance the tonal variations in the rocks.

I hope you enjoy my little experiment for the Monochrome Wednesday post sponsored by Leanne Cole.

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