Fall Drive in the Wasatch

As it is later October, I thought today would be a great opportunity to take a cruise in the Hellcat.  The weather was really nice here in Utah; a crisp fall day with a mix of sun and clouds.  Who knows how much nice weather we have left this year, and those muscle cars just don’t work well in the snow.

So, here are some photographs from the day.  I hope you all enjoy the cruise as much as I did.

Timp 1 wp
Taking State Road (SR) 92 east from Highland, Utah up toward Timpanogos Mountain — the peaks in the background.  This was my first mountain view of the day.
Timp 3 wp
A little farther up the canyon with better lighting than the first shot.  It has been an incredibly dry summer, so the colors are not the very best.  But, this isn’t a bad view anyway.
Timp Car 1 wp
Well, I had to get my car in the shot.  What’s the use of having 700+ horsepower if you can’t show off a little?
Timp 2 wp
I had pulled over to take another photo, and as I was walking toward my viewpoint, I saw this vista looking up the canyon toward the backside of Mt. Timpanogos.
Mountain View 1 wp
This is looking toward the south, southwest.  I hate to admit that I don’t know the name of this peak, but it is the first major summit south of Mt. Timpanogos.
Timp Color wp
Here is a slightly different view that the earlier shot of Mt. Timpanogos.  Sorry about the sun spot in the lens.
Hellcat 1wp
And lastly, here is a nice close-up of my Charger Hellcat.  It was a wonderful drive.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo tour of State Road 92 through the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.  Thanks for stopping by.