Here are a few photos from my last trip to Arches National Park.  In the last post, I may have mentioned that I have been to Arches National Park many times.  However, due to the increasing popularity of the area, it has been many years since I was last in the park – maybe close to twenty.  So, I had an opportunity earlier this month to visit and explore during the off-season.

Of course, early February doesn’t make for a lot of those perfect blue skies, but nevertheless, the scenery is quite awe-inspiring.  I am just beginning to really go through the photographs as I shot more than 100.  I hope you enjoy the views.

Courthouse Tower wp
I hope I am correct in this, but I believe this is the backside of Courthouse Tower as seen from Park Avenue.  Please correct me if I am wrong.
Park Avenue wp
Another shot from Park Avenue in the early morning.
Side canyon Park Avenue wp
Looking westward from a side canyon in Park Avenue.
The Crack wp
I really liked how the shape and colors were playing in the early morning light.
Double Arch 2 wp
Here is a different perspective on Double Arch.
Park Avenue morning wp
One more image from Park Avenue.  The tiny formation on the right side of the photograph is Balanced Rock as seen from Park Avenue.
North Window wp
Here is a seldom seen view of North Window Arch from the backside.

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