Orchid Blossoms

My wife has this little orchid plant that she keeps in our kitchen window which faces to the southeast.  It has thrived under her care, and I honestly can’t remember how long we have had it.

It blooms maybe once a year, and the last couple of times it has shot up this really long stems which gets full of buds.  And then like magic, we have these incredibly beautiful blossoms.  They are quite hardy and last fairly long for flower blossoms.

I have wanted to photograph them for a couple of years but always seem to never have the time to set up a proper macro shot.  Well, this year I promised myself that I would photograph the blooms, and here they are.

Please don’t ask me what type of orchid the plant is because we don’t know.  But if you know, please enlighten us.  Hope you enjoy the blossoms.  To me they are a sure sign of spring.

© Timothy Harlow Mar 4, 2017
© Timothy Harlow Mar 4, 2017
© Timothy Harlow   Mar 4, 2017

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