The River

While in Arizona for the Grand Canyon trip. I spent a couple of days hiking around in Wupatki National Monument. I was here briefly in 2021 on my way home from the Route 66 road trip. Honestly, the Grand Canyon was way too crowded for my tastes, even with it being early February and with the weather being unusually wet and cold.

Wupatki was a nice, peaceful rest – away from the crowds. Even in the summer it is not one of the busier National Monuments. I will be posting some photos of my days there, but for now here are a couple of “previews”

This is looking kind of northeast into the Box Canyon ruins.
I took this photo after hiking north up a dry riverbed from Wukoki ruins on the eastern edge of the Monument. Sometimes the best scenes are off of the path.

If you are looking for ancient ruins in the featured image, well, there are none. I just really loved the tones in the sand and volcanic cinders. I found this cool little wash that just had nice tones, textures and lines. Anyway, more is coming soon.

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