Autumn on the Provo River

Yesterday, October 13, 2021, I was supposed to driving to Denver, Colorado to visit a client and friend who had moved there about two years ago. I had already changed my travel day once to attempt to miss an usually strong winter type storm that was moving across the Inter-mountain West from the Pacific Northwest. The storm was bringing cold temperatures, snow and lots of rain.

Well, the day started beautifully as I left right on time (6:30 am) for the drive over to Denver. The weather was good, a bit cold, and there was a little snow beside the road for much of my 200 plus mile drive. As I was coming into Green River, Wyoming on Interstate 80 I saw a sign that said the road was closed at Rock Springs (about 14 miles to the east). Evidently eastern Wyoming was a big mess from the previous day’s storm — icy roads, huge snow drifts and some horrible accidents.

This is Bridal Vail Falls that pours down into the Provo River from the high peaks to the south.

After studying more data from the highway department it became very clear that this trip was not going to happen. I drove about 430 miles yesterday only to return home. That’s autumn in our part of the western US.

Well yesterday afternoon as I was driving toward home down Provo Canyon (only about 15 miles from home), I saw some pretty beautiful scenery, especially after the recent rains and snow. So, as I was supposed to be out of the office for the rest of the week, I took off early this afternoon and returned to the Canyon for some photos. The canyon follows the Provo River along US highway 189. Here is what I saw.

I came upon this little trail heading up the hill on the south side of the river. This scene really called out to me.

You never know how you are going to happen upon a photograph. Nature was calling me when I went looking for a private spot, I saw this scene above, and well I had a new photograph. Never turn down inspiration – no matter how it hits you. 😉

This is looking northward across the canyon up at Mount Timpanogos, one of the higher peaks in ht Wasatch Mountains near my home.

The clouds were just starting to clear off of the mountains when I noticed this view of Timpanogos. This was a difficult exposure as the sky and top of the peak were quite a bit brighter than the lower canyon.

Here is another shot of Bridal Vail Falls from almost the exact spot where I photographed Mount Timpanogos.

I noticed this other angle on the falls as I was descending that little trail above. That big color spot really contrasts nicely with the darker rocks and evergreens above.

And here is the Provo River looking westward.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post about the Provo River Canyon in Utah. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog.

Happy Fall!!

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    1. Thank you, Lori. I appreciate the compliment, and I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

      The trip experience turned out to be comical. I never saw snow on the roads except for a tiny bit on a couple of overpasses in Rock Springs. But I guess eastern Wyoming was quite a mess. I was excited to see my friend, have some good Colorado beer, and have fun touring around Denver. But that’ll have to wait until next spring.

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