Warm Thoughts for Spring

I  have not posted anything few weeks as I have been buried at work.  Anyway, with spring looking like it may really happen, I thought I would put up one of my favorite photos from Arizona that brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart.

I hope you enjoy it as well.  Thanks so much for being patient, and more new posts will be coming.

Hwy 89A Boulders
Strange boulders along US 89A in northern Arizona east of the north rim of the Grand Canyon.



4 thoughts on “Warm Thoughts for Spring

    1. Thank you. That shot was kind of an accident. I was cruising along on highway 89A trying to stay ahead of a late winter snowstorm as I was heading for Jacob’s Lake on the north side of the Grand Canyon. The light was getting pretty sweet, and I came around this curve and saw these freaky boulders. I pulled over and found a couple of good views. It was a very interesting spot.

      Thanks for letting me share this with you.

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